Outdated version of GitHub project loading in Android Studio


I’m trying to use a library from GitHub in my Android Studio Project (specifically, the Universal Image Loader https://github.com/nostra13/Android-Universal-Image-Loader).

My project has been crashing, due to an error with a variable called mMaxHeight , in a file called ImageViewAware.java

On the GitHub page, I see that this issue was 4 fixed months ago: enter image description here

When I view the code in ImageViewAware.java on GitHub, I see that the issue is fixed.

However when I look at the version of ImageViewAware.java being used in my Android Studio, I see it’s an older version, with the issue not fixed.

I’ve added

implementation 'com.nostra13.universalimageloader:universal-image-loader:1.9.5'

to my Gradle Dependency, as the documentation says, and have followed all other instructions I can see.

I notice that the last update to those instructions was over a year ago. Should I be implementing a newer version than 1.9.5? Is there another reason why the version in my Android Studio isn’t getting the latest GitHub version?

I’m pretty new to this and feeling a bit out of my depth. Thanks for any help!


Hi @chalni! :wave: Welcome to the Community!

Your best bet to get help with that project is to talk to the people who built it. There are a few places we suggest you look when you need help with a project hosted on GitHub:

  • its SUPPORT or README file, which may include contact information or an official website
  • its Issues tab, where you can report bugs
  • the owner’s GitHub profile, which may include contact information

Of course, do let us know if you have any questions about GitHub itself!