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To the developers of Osara.

I am writing to you to make a proposal to improve the accessibility in using Reaper and Softube Console 1.

I am blind, live in Denmark and work on a computer with Windows 10. I’m running Jaws 2021 screen reader.

I enjoy producing music on my computer. I use Reaper for this purpose. I installed Osara and SWS as well as scripts for Jaws and Reaper.

I would like to thank you for the development of Osara. It’s great to work with Reaper when I have Osara installed on my computer.

I bought the Softube Console 1 controller. With this controller, I have the option to regulate shape, EQ, compressor etc. in a project in Reaper. It works fine. However, I would like more accessibility when using Console 1. For example I would like Jaws to provide me with more information about the features I work with on Console 1.

As it is now, Jaws speaks when I type ‘Solo Track’, ‘Mute Track’, and ‘Track Selection’ from 1 to 20. However, there are many other buttons and features that Jaws doesn’t read out.

Will it be possible to develop Osara to improve this?

I’ve had contact by email with a consultant at Softube. They are very interested in contributing to better accessibility on their products. This applies to Console 1 and Console 1 Fader. Both products work with Reaper.

Softube has encouraged me to contact you. Softube offers you a license for testing etc. I will be able to convey contact information to my contact at Softube. He knows about my situation and wishes.

I will be happy to contribute more information if needed.

I hope to hear from you. Thank you very much in advance.

Best regards

Arne Christensen

Mail: (removed by moderator)

Hi Arne, it looks like you’re trying to reach the developers of a software hosted on Github. This forum is primarily for discussions regarding Github and Git in general, I don’t know if the Osara developers hang around here.

To reach the Osara developers it is probably best to create an issue in the Osara repository. After a quick search I think this might be the right repository:

If that’s the software you mean, the issue tracker is here.

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