Organize respositories in different Subfolders/Categories in GitHub Desktop

Hi Everybody,

I got a question to the community. I have my own git on my webserver with quite a lot of repositories on it.
I just found the GitHub Desktop app a few days ago and I think this is a very nice tool to work with Git.
I can also add my repositories which are cloned on my local harddisk. All are in a Category “Others”. What I would like to do is group some of the repositories to get a better kind of organization.
I try to explain what I mean by using a generic example. Lets say I have repositories 1 to 30. Repo 1 to 10 belongs to a “Project A”, Repo 11 to 20 to “Project B” and Repo 21 to 30 to “Project C”.
Instead of having all 30 Repos in the category “Others” in GitHub I’d like to create a group “Project A” and put repo 1 to 10 in this group and so on.
I hope I could explain what I am talking about :slight_smile:
Thanks for any help

Welcome @A320-Daniel!

GitHub Desktop will categorize any non-GitHub repositories under Other. A non-GitHub repository is classified as a local repository that does not have a remote repository on GitHub or a repository that is hosted on a non-GitHub hosting service (like GitLab).

At this time we do not have the option to create custom repository groups, but this is something that has been previously requested (see this issue for an example and this issue for broader repository list efforts). At this time we don’t have any plans to make changes to repository organization, but this will likely be something we reconsider again in the future. Thanks for the feedback about this.