Organization Tokens for REST API


We have a monitoring dashboard that fetches the status of our GitHub actions, the problem is that we are running into a “rate limit” and we should add a token for our request, which is fair.

I don’t want to use a personal access token as it’s a CI job doing it. I don’t find and option to add and Access Token for the Organization is that correct? Or do I miss something?

@tomasnorre, correct, there is no option to add an access token to your organization

While it says “personal access token”, it doesn’t necessarily mean “personal access token of a person’s personal account”.

Best practice is to create an account specific to the CI system and then generate a PAT for that account.

Alternatively, you could create a GitHub App. This page also has a cute flow chart for deciding which kind of token to pick (I’m not saying I agree w/ it, but it is official):