Organization Level Secrets don't work on free teams

I had secrets set on the organization level which I was using in my GitHub actions. Last week I decided to downgrade to Teams for the free since we weren’t using much of the paid features. Today, after mast last billing cycle, all my build began to fail because the secret it was referencing was just blank.

I had to move my secrets onto the repository level.

Is this intended to be a paid only feature? I didn’t find anything about it on the pricing page and the interstitial asking me to confirm my downgrade didn’t list this as a difference (although it listed quite a few other things which was helpful for me to make a decision)

Hi @pranaygp,

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Check on my side for free version, organization secrets works fine. Please re-create the organization secrets and make sure to give the access to the related repositories for a try.
The appearance could be caused by the downgrade.


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Hi @pranaygp,

Does it resloved after recreating the secerts?

I haven’t tried recreating them as Organization Secrets. I’ve just moved them over as repository secrets for now

Thanks @pranaygp for your confirmation!

You can use repository secrets instead, but both organization secrets and repository secrets should work in the workflow.