Organization level queue insight with self-hosted runners

Is there any way to see what builds are queued at an organization level with self-hosted runners?
If not a place in the GUI for such insight, is there an API endpoint that we could use to check an organizational level queue of builds?


Hi @tateeskew,

There’s nothing currently available for that. Providing APIs with more detailed info about your queue + self hosted runner states is something we plan to look into though.

Are you trying to build auto scaling? Or get better visibility into how your Org’s runners are being used?

Both actually, @mscoutermarsh .
Right now devs are just interested to see where they are in the queue with regard to the entire organization for their builds.
I would personally like to take an action (dynamically add runners) based on if the queue is a certain length, too.

I’ve looked into docker within docker for the builds, but the 'ol todo list is super long.


Thanks. Yeah we’ve been hearing this a good amount. Definitely something we could provide with an API here.

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