Organization-level custom domain not working for internal repository pages

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I’ve read the GitHub Pages custom domain docs and they state:

After you configure a custom domain for a user or organization site, the custom domain will replace the <user> or <organization> portion of the URL for any project sites owned by the account that do not have a custom domain configured. For example, if the custom domain for your user site is , and you have a project site with no custom domain configured that is published from a repository called octo-project , the GitHub Pages site for that repository will be available at .

I have configured an organization-level custom domain by creating a repository with the name organization and by enabling pages and a custom domain for that.

Based on the documentation above I was expecting that from now on all pages that do not specify another custom domain would be found under but that is not the case. Instead, I get 404 " The site configured at this address does not contain the requested file. "
What am I missing? Is there any way to enable a custom (sub)domain for an entire organization such that all pages would automatically use that domain as explained in the docs?

Repository-specific custom domains work as intended, but setting up a new one for each repository is not a feasible solution. Redirection from also works but that too is not an acceptable solution since it redirects to the default (unusable) domain name that all private pages have (unless a repository-specific custom domain is set).

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The behavior you are describing works as intended but only for public Pages sites.

For security reasons, private Pages sites (the ones with a random default hostname that enforce authentication + authorization on access) need to be isolated.

Thanks for the clarification! If I may suggest, think it would be useful to have a specific section in the docs where the limitations of private/internal pages are explained :slight_smile:

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