Organization is not verifying

I have added my domain to organization at the section of verified domains and added the txt record in my domain dns as per it’s instruction.

I have purchased my domain at google domains

after 1 hour when I click on verify to verify my organization it says,

We couldn't find the TXT record. Note that DNS changes can take up to 72 hours.

then i waited 72 hours, after that 72 hours also it says same as above :point_up:

is this problem for me only, or else is there any other way to do so,

Hoping with a positive response,
Regards, shiva

This is happening to me too. Did you find a fix for it or is it still not verifying on your end?

Yes, i found a fix @lenoth

while adding the TXT record

the github gives url fromat as _github-challenge-<your-github-username>.<> to add in the TXT record and value will be something

so while adding in your dns remove the part of .<> and add it.

for example:

my github organization username is “test” and my domain to verify is

so the github provides txt record as as the value will be something.

Type Host value
TXT _github-challenge-test some value gitven by github

Hope you understood,

Regards, shiva

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Support told me the same thing and it worked. Thank you! :slight_smile:

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Yes, the instructions are bad, I knew to remove the actual domain name from the record. But still doesn’t work for me. Have never been able to get this to work, guess I am still missing something.

What domain provider you are using?