Organization IP

So my friends were joining an organization I made on GitHub, when they found that while joining, this comes up:

They said they didn’t want to share their IP address, so they didn’t join the Org. When I was looking at some already existing members in an organization, I couldn’t find their IP addresses. Is this a glitch and is it not supposed to say that the owners can see you IP address, or can the owners see your IP address. If the owners can see the IP address, is it possible for the owners to change the organization so the owners cannot see the IP address? Please tell me.

@whippingdot I have seen country of request origin and an IP address in audit log GUI/API.
GitHub privacy and terms and conditions also clarifies data they collect on you.
Capturing of IP address for each request is common practise,if your users are concerned there best option. Would. Be it use a VPN to anomymise their client IP from any target server whether that be GitHub or other.
There is no current organization setting to prevent this