Organization Installed GitHub Apps not visible to organization members (bug?)

It seems if someone installs a GitHub App on some organization, it seems that it is only visible under “Installed Apps” for the person that installed it, even though it affects everyone. It should be visible to everyone in the organization that has GitHub App manager permissions.

Concrete case: was (is?) running on my organization after someone installed it there, but weirdly, it was not showing to me under Settings/Installed Apps. Thus, I could not delete it, even though I have the “Github App manager” capabilities.
After I installed it myself on this organization (was this a reinstallation?, it just went through without comment), it was showing up under “Installed Apps”, and I could delete it. (Though I am not sure whether it is actually deleted, since it was not showing before and is not showing now.)

Hi @andreasabel,

Thank you for being here! A couple of months ago we did have an issue with installations not showing, but not as of late, as far as I know. I’ve taken a look at your org and that app is not installed. Keep in mind while a collaborator has access to the repository, the GitHub App’s installation is not managed by the collaborator so the behavior for everyone else is expected.

I wasn’t able to replicate this on my tests, please do let us know if you experience a similar issue in the future, and we’ll be happy to help.

Thanks for checking, Andrea!

So my deinstallation was successful.

However, the weird thing is that I had to install the hint-man app myself first so that it became visible.  Then I could deinstall it.

At the moment, I cannot test it well.  At a later time, I could ask someone else from the organization to install the app again, and then check whether I can uninstall it.



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