Organization CAPTCHA too hard

I think the CAPTCHA for creating a new organization is too difficult. I know software developers are suppose to be really good at math, but solving the dice puzzle CAPTCHA seems more like a hardcode game challenge.


We have to figure out which image has dice that add up to a certain number, 20 times in a row without making a single mistake. Once a mistake is made the CAPTCHA doesn’t inform us of this but waits until we complete all 20 images and then tells us it failed. I assume this is probably to make it more difficult for bots, but it is damn infuriating. To make things even worse the whole trial is time based, so if you take too long to think about the answers you will fail.


Hey - yeah, it is really hard. This should only show up where we have reason to believe that some activity might be bulk/malicious.

If you are using a proxy server, or sharing an IP address with many people, you might be more likely to see this. The solution for now is to connect to another network and hopefully you’ll start to see less of this.

I am trying to signup for a new organization, and I have tried 5 times to complete the challenge, and I got it wrong every single time. Please add a bit of leniency or inelegance in the chalange.

Wow am I ever glad I created the organizations I’d need a few months ago. That looks unreasonable.