Organisation level pages ? Is this possible?


I’d like to point a subdomain to <organization> so that I can do something like, but am getting 404s.

Here’s an example:

Suppose I have the organisation foo, which is at and ​I have three repos, bar, baz and qux.

I can set up CNAMES as follows: and so on…

But this doesn’t scale well… What I’d rather do is use as a simple CNAME to, so that I have a consistent naming convention for documentation across the organisation. E.g:

So, I’ve set up a CNAME that points to, but I get 404s!

What am I doing wrong?? It feels like this should just work ? I’m wondering if its maybe something to do with the source of the request not being Or because its a private organisation

Did Pages with custom subdomain and path - #2 by yoannchaudet help you already?

This is a supported scenario but for public Pages sites only.

yea :frowning: i hope its on roadmap for private Pages sites

This is not on the roadmap currently.

Technically this cannot even be implemented in a safe way with the current web standards. If you are up for a good read, I recommend this blog post from 2013 which will give you some insights as to why Private Pages are getting their own dedicated domain even when no custom domain is involved.