"OR" operator for issues query

Hello there,

I’m not satisfied of the default GitHub issues home page, so I would like to make a search query for all issues I could be involved in any way, wether they’re open or closed, sorted by last updated date.

Meaning :

  • authored
  • commented
  • mentioned
  • assigned

However, I can’t find the “OR” operator, so I would like to know if it’s possible to implement it in any way.


I think this gives what you are looking for… 

involves rolls together author, commenter, mentioned, assigned.

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involves:KaKi87 sort:updated-desc

It works !

Thanks :slight_smile:

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Today I have a new situation : I subscribed to an issue created two days ago, and because it’s pretty recent and have nothing to say more about it, I just added a +1 reaction and manually subscribed to it.

So, this issue won’t appear in my list with involves:KaKi87 unless I participate to it.

I also looked at the subscriptions page but it doesn’t allow sorting by updated date.