Optional Job/Step

I have a very simple CI workflow that I’m building with GitHub Actions (build, then unit test).  I would like to add a job (or step, doesn’t matter) that checks style with our favorite linter.   I want the step to be non-fatal - that is, if building & testing passes, the overall workflow will Pass, regardless of what the linter step does.  I would like the linter step to show Pass/Fail, but be ignored when the overall job is evaluated.  Is this possible in GitHub Actions?  Thanks for your help!

[And, yes, there has been debate about whether this is smart, or whether the Lint step should be weighted equally with the other steps.  Let’s ignore that for now :-]

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continue-on-error: true


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but the job just ends up as green with this sort of change, yeah?
It’d be nice to have a visual indicator