Option to configure preferred release/tag attached to PRs

Hi there!

I’m a maintainer of chakra-ui and I’m wondering if there’s any way to configure a “preferred” release tag that is attached to PRs.

Chakra is a monorepo with a semi-automated release workflow, where each run of the workflow generates a separate release+tag for multiple packages attached to the same commit. This means that PRs inconsistently show a different tag depending on which packages were released at the same time. In the above example, if the @chakra-ui/accordion package didn’t change and thus wasn’t published as part of the release, the PR would show one of the other package tags. It also means that the associated tag is often entirely unrelated to the PR (the example PR for the image relates to @chakra-ui/checkbox, not @chakra-ui/accordion).

We also use an “aggregate” package (@chakra-ui/react) that imports all of the other packages and re-exports them, which acts as a single entry point for users to use all of our packages. This package ALWAYS receives a release whenever another package is released. When we announce new Chakra versions, we refer solely to the @chakra-ui/react version.

The ideal outcome for us would be to configure a “preferred” tag to determine which tag to show on PRs, so that our PRs always refer to the @chakra-ui/react version they’re associated with. Is this currently possible?