optimal way to explore a single project in a repo

I’m new to github.  I want to play around with a single sample project in the XamarinComponents repo - HelloAR - https://github.com/xamarin/XamarinComponents/tree/master/Android/ARCore/samples.  I also don’t want to break anything.  So far I have tried the rather heavy approach using desktop github to clone the entire XamarinComponents repo onto my laptop, then making a pdd-temp branch, so I can play around with the HelloAR project in Visual Studio.  I imagine there is a more efficient way to do this.  Any guidance is greatly appreciated.



Have you checked out this thread?


By playing around, do you mean you just want to download that one folder, or would you also like to contribute to the content of that folder in the repo?

Git takes a snapshot of the entire repo at each commit, so I believe you need to have all the files in the repo to let Git knows what changes you’ve made.