Opening CITATION.cff file in my repo results in a server error 500

I am trying to edit my CITATION.cff file (FEEr/CITATION.cff at 930928efe7e686d92d3a047cb0a601fc9d365865 · tz05/FEEr · GitHub). When I am not logged in, I can open this link and read the file. But when I log in, this link results in a server error 500. I searched around but did not find any useful information. Any thought?

Incorrect URL! (This URL is not made for the main branch!)

I think clicking on this is correct to edit your CFF citation file. It’s made for the main branch. But that can still result in a server error numbered 500 for GitHub! Why not check your Google Chrome version? If you don’t have Google Chrome, why not change the URL?

About the GitHub repo

About the GitHub repo file

GitHub doesn’t recognize the code language.

If this is an R package, you can use tools included in rOpenSci (e.g., Convert Among Citation Formats • rOpenSci: handlr) to convert to CFF from the description file. cffr is another package that’s just been included in rOpenSci to work with CFF files.