OpenCL header only package usage

I saw I can create header only package for both Linux and Windows from OpenCL repo. That’s great.
It can be easily used by CMake. But I don’t understant that short description there (at least me):

Could you give me an example? I use e.g.: Conan, but that is totally different.

This solution is very promising, because I can have a very nice repo.

Sorry, I didn’t find anything on the internet about it. I’ve created a small repo to test it. For example I want to add it to the executable:

I don’t want intall things on my machine directly, but a comfortable and easy reproducable repo using packages, submodules. I’m learning GitHub and like it.

Thanks for any help,

It is a not big issue, but I’d be happy to hear your opinion.
I’ve already installed NVIDIA on my Windows and Linux (VMware).

What is your best practise? Use the interface from one place like about and add all OpenCL.dll for all platform? I even don’t know what condition I’m going to use in CMake. I mean I can use my CPU and GPU on Windows and which dll will be imported? Would not be nice package all of them? Of course there is anyway a sighly difference between them.

I guess many of us use only one scenario, but I would like to set up a little bit complex scenario. :slight_smile: Thanks for your help. This is my last question this year.