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Hello. Who can tell where to go or how? I need the browser to use the third-party program to calculate the functions of the math class.

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Hi @wiktorpetr,

I’m sorry, I’m having some trouble understanding what you’re looking for. Could you give us more details about what you need help or advice on?


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Ok, I’ll ask for another.

In the code FireFox there is a file jsmath.cpp. This is a code snippet:

doublejs::math\_random\_no\_outparam(JSContext\* cx){/\* Calculate random without memory traffic, for use in the JITs. \*/return random\_nextDouble(&cx-\>compartment()-\>rngState);}booljs::math\_random(JSContext\* cx,unsigned argc,Value\* vp){CallArgs args =CallArgsFromVp(argc, vp);double z = random\_nextDouble(&cx-\>compartment()-\>rngState); args.rval().setDouble(z);returntrue;}

He calculates a random specified in javascript?

This can be any javascript file downloaded from the site?

Apologies @wiktorpetr, but I’m still not sure what it is you’re trying to do. From where is the code snippet you shared? Are you working in a public repository on GitHub? If so, can you share a link to that so others may be better able to help you?