Open source Github

Hello! I was thinking how Github is a platform to create free and open source software. But, it isn’t open source itself. Why isn’t it open source? It seems like if you are going to promote something, you should model it. (Also, if anyone who works at GH sees this, I’m only talking about open sourcing the free version, not a paid one). True, GitLab is similar, and it’s open source, but, honestly, it stinks. I like GitHub.

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This is definitely a good question to ask. IMO, one can believe in open source but also not make everything open source that one does. This is the case for GitHub, they fundamentally believe in open source but the question is who would benefit from the whole platform being open source?

There’s so many other questions to dive into around this such as the cost of making things open source. Does GitHub have the means to deal with hundreds of issues and PRs everyday around their core platform? What’s the trade off of not doing this?

I have more questions than answers here but it really isn’t as simple as them just clicking “change repo visibility”.

This is a really good data point: Open-sourcing GitHub Docs, how we’re working with the community to build docs as an interface for code | GitHub Universe · Virtual 2020 · Dec 8 - 10, 2020 about how GitHub open sourced their docs. In my experience opening issues and PR’s to the docs repo, despite the resources and automation tools, it’s still a very slow process.

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