Open Pull Requests in Pull Request view

I don’t know if the Github extension is loaded by default. But if I open a PR in Codespaces

It would be cool to load the codespace with that PR loaded

Hey! Thanks for reaching out. We currently pre-install the GitHub Pull Requests extension in Codespaces by default, precisely to enable this scenario (among others) :+1:

When you open a PR in a Codespace, we automatically check out the source branch, and put the editor into “PR mode”. In practice, that means that the GitHub tab displays a Changes in Pull Request view, and the status bar includes a button to open up the PR’s description.

Are you not seeing that behavior? If not, there may be a bug there, and so I’d love to make sure we’re tracking that! We’re also planning to improve the overall PR experience in Codespaces, and so any feedback you have on this use case would be super helpful. Thanks!

@lostintangent this is my initial state

Let me know if you need more info of my env.