Open Lite and Closed Pro

I think about creating open source version Lite of program and commercial version Pro.

Anybody can cloning repository with Lite but I want Lite code as common code with Pro.

I can use submodules? For example: open repository and Pro submodule. Anybody can cloning repository without reurency and I clone with recurency. But if I want additoinaly add opened submodules like crypto library?

How is the best practice?

The way I would manage this is to create a separate, private repository for the Pro component. If your Lite or other open bits are public, others can clone them; none but you can clone your private repository.  This means your Pro development space probably consists of two projects, 1) the Lite project, and 2) the Pro project, with a reference to the Lite project.

Just me, not sure what would be “best practice”.

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