Open issues returned by Github API does not tally

I am working on

We pull data from Github through the github API. However, I find discrepancies in the number of open issues pulled from the API with the actual open issues. Examples below:

1. - 10 open issues

API call -> 

GET /repositories/861214/issues?client_id=f78e364d2690938c0488&client_secret=xxxxx&page=1&per_page=100&since=2018-04-05T23%3A47%3A21Z&state=open

Returns 11 open issues

2. - 17 open issues

API call -> 

GET /repositories/3215654?client_id=f78e364d2690938c0488&client_secret=xxx

Returns 19 open issues


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As mentioned in the documentation for listing issues for a repository:

Note : In the past, pull requests and issues were more closely aligned than they are now. As far as the API is concerned, every pull request is an issue, but not every issue is a pull request.

This endpoint may also return pull requests in the response. If an issue is a pull request, the object will include a pull_request key.

I only checked, but you’ll notice that there are 17 open issues and 2 open PRs at this moment, totalling the 19 results you get from the API.