Open cv to Python converter

Hello, I 'm new to git hub and I am currently working on a facial recognition system. I would like to add a haar cascade to train the camera to only detect human faces. My mode of detecting face is only using the lbp that only shows the facial diversity; this code does not determine if the person is within the library of faces i made and calculates the diversity of the person’s face even if his or her face is not registered in the library. I searched for the basics of haar cascade and one of the descriptions shows a text with a hyperlink where i can access the opencv code to python converter but it shows 404 not found . Do you know any site that converts opencv codes to python? or perhaps any ways to convert opencv code to python? That would be of great help! Thanks in advance. I am using an openmv m7camera

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What you want to do is use the Python bindings to the OpenCV library. A couple of links (google “opencv from python”):