onlyoffice mail mysql error

First I am new to programing

I am trying to add Onlyoffice mail server docker to my local machine that has community server and document server Linux running and functional. I tried the install instructions from onlyoffice  but got port overlaps due to other instance of MySQL  I modified the install parameters to

sudo docker run --init --network=host --privileged -i -t -d --restart=always --name onlyoffice-mail-server \



-e MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWD=mypassword\

-e MYSQL_SERVER_DB_NAME=onlyoffice_mailserver \

-v /app/onlyoffice/MailServer/data:/var/vmail \

-v /app/onlyoffice/MailServer/data/certs:/etc/pki/tls/mailserver \

-v /app/onlyoffice/MailServer/logs:/var/log \

-h \


  it goes through the initialization process links to mysql and everything looks good except

,ERROR 1062 (23000) at line 4 in file: ‘/tmp/cluebringer_init_sql.96744229’: Duplicate entry ‘SenderIP:71.XX.XX.XX’ for key ‘Source’

When I try to connect mailserver to community server  it says cannot resolve host I know it has to be related to the error any thoughts.

Hello @belgerix Please describe how did you run onlyoffice community-server? All containers use this network host? And where did you get this mysql error?