One Month Sponsor

I have just set up the sponsors on my Repos.

And just been asked by someone who wants to Sponsore me if they can sponsor for one month only.

I cannot see any info on how they can do this or how they would go about Sponsoring and then cancelling so they only Pay once.

Is this doable ??

Many thanks

:wave: Welcome!

Any sponsor can discontinue a sponsorship at any time. We have a guide here you can pass on if that helps:

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Many thanks.

I assume they would need to wait for the first month to go through before they cancel…

Yes, if they wait until the payment has been taken (this will happen on their general billing date when they are charged for any paid services they might subscribe to) and then cancel.

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Ideally there’d be a one time sponsor button.
The “oh I have to remember to cancel” is a serious barrier to users giving support when they think about it…