One Job stuck for 6 hrs and failed

I’m trying to migrate from Travis to Actions. I have a similar workflow to Travis but one job gets stuck every time I run it. It gets canceled after 6-7 hrs but the logs doesn’t show any info on why the job is stuck. Here is the latest run - Github actions by vedhavyas · Pull Request #1467 · centrifuge/go-centrifuge · GitHub

any thoughts anyone?

Unfortunately we don’t have telemetry for this anymore, sorry for late response.

Based on annotations:

The job running on runner GitHub Actions 2 has exceeded the maximum execution time of 360 minutes.

That’s default timeout for hosted runners, there might be some task that was stuck which led to this. If this happens frequently, you could try setting up self hosted runner that gives more flexibility and insights to what’s happening here.

Thanks for the feedback!