One issue in my repo return 404 when read it

Deal Github support:

    I am working with github for my opensource project repo xcat2/xcat-core, I suddently found that one of our issue in this repo return 404 when access. Will you pls help check what happened? Thx!

This problem happens for this issue:

No same problem encountered yet for other issues.


Hi @zet809,

Thanks for being here! 404 is an error typical of when the issue doesn’t exist. If you haven’t already, please contact us at with the info so we can look into that further.

As I mentioned in the issue description, our github public repo shall have successive issue and Pull Request numbers, there is no reason that an issue doesn’t exist but issue with number id-1 or id+1 exist, right?

So, just wondering why this issue is missing? 

Hi @zet809,

I am seeing this work now. Not sure why it showed as 404 previously. Let us know if you are still experiencing this. 


Hi, @angela-crist 

As you can see below, 2852 still missed, and 2853 works. 

Thanks for the update, @zet809. This seems like an account-specific question. I’d recommend reaching out to our private support team via our contact form, so that we can better assist you.

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OK, thanks all the same.

@zet809 and update your password  : )

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