One image doesn't show up in github page

Hello !
I’m trying to create my own website.
For now, I’m working on the 404 page.
(But I made the same thing in and there is no problem…)

However, i’d like to add on it an image with the following path assets/kurzgesagt.png

Here is the repository if you’re interested.

All topics (having the same kind of issue) in several website explain that this is a path issue.

But I tried every single advice:

  • I thought it was a case sensitive issue but it seems that it’s not the case (the path seems to be correct/ I even tried to convert a .png into .png XD )
  • I also tried any possible paths
    • the permalink
    • ./assets/kurzgesagt.png but I don’t understand its meaning…
    • multiple paths using ..
  • My final attempt to patch the problem was to replace the problematic code with http markers…

Can someone help me ?
I’m thankful for any recommendation !

(modified message in order to be precise)

I see it’s working now, can you explain what you did to fix this issue ?

Hello !
Thanks for your concern and the time you take to consider my problem!

Well… I don’t understand because on my side I see this…

Wel… I’ll try with other browsers…
(modified message → well i tried… it’s the same case… nothing changed)
Or maybe the synchronization was too slow… So I found the answer and I changed it without knowing ?

You’re welcome, thank you :slight_smile:

I think you have the right logic as it’s working from my side, maybe it’s a question of the navigator’s cache