On: workflow_run: does not work for me

Hi all,
I have a workflow that is triggered on release

name: CreateRelease

    types: [published]

and a workflow that should be triggered after the CreateRelease workflow runned

name: GitHub Linux Release

    workflows: ["CreateRelease"]
    branches: [master]
      - completed
      - requested

second workflow is never triggered, why? thanks!

I want to create a release in a workflow triggered by a tag push,
after the release has been created, I want to trigger two workflow that build the linux and windows build.

how can I do it?


Is the workflow “GitHub Linux Release” existing on the master or default branch?
To trigger a workflow runs on the workflow_run event, the workflow file should exist on the master or default branch.

Here is a recent reported similar topic as reference:

In addition, if you want the workflow “GitHub Linux Release” is triggered after the workflow “CreateRelease” completed, you should only use the type “completed”.

If the problem still exists, please share your repository with us (if possible), so that we can check more detailed configurations related to the workflows to analyze the root cause.


thanks for the answer, at the end I solved using a multi job workflow. but I understood your suggestion, thanks for the help. love GitHub and its community.