On-push Workflow not running

My workflow did not activate, when I pushed to one of my deploy branches 30+ minutes ago.

Before that I pushed to master branch and the same workflow activated just fine and ran to completion.

My git actions:

git checkout master
git pull
git checkout deploy/test
git merge master
git push

In GitHub UI I see:

Excerpt from workflow file:

name: build-deploy-webapp

      - master
      - deploy/test
      - deploy/demo
      - deploy/prod

I’m seeing odd behaviour on the Github Actions at the minute too.

The pattern that’s emerging for me is that pushes to master or main are not triggering any workflows, but other task/* or feature/* branches are.

Same here. Actions are not started on commit to master and new tag (pushed around 01:30 PM UTC). AppVeyor CI also did not notice new changes.