"on.<push|pull_request>.paths" and status checks?

I have some actions scoped to run tests/formatting _only_ when code changes via on.\<push|pull_request\>.paths, but I’m finding that PRs that don’t include code changes (README updates, for example), have status checks that stay “pending” forever. Is there something I can do to have these status checks skipped?

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Hi @stephencelis,

Do you mean the PRs which don’t have changes under the specific path are blocked with "Expected — Waiting for status to be reported " ?

If your scenario matches the screenshot, current workaround is to remove the status check policy in branch protect rules .

If you are in different scenarios, please share me your PR screenshot or link here.

That’s correct, though is this intentional? I’d like to enforce checks to pass when they _do_ run. Is that a different setting or just not supported?

I am afraid that I have to say it is not supported to pass the check. The work around is to remove the status check in branch protect rules when you use pull_request event with path filter. 

There is a previous ticket reported the same issue: 


If you still want to use “branch protect rules of status check” with “pull_request path filter” together,  I would recommend you sharing your idea in the Feedback form for GitHub Actions.

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