on: pull_request

i have an action that works fine with “on: issue_comment”. If I change that to either [issue_comment, pull_request] or only pull_request, its never being executed.

on: pull_request
name: sent message to rocketchat
   name: chat
   runs-on: ubuntu-latest
   - name: get the comment
  uses: stefan-enway/github-event-jq@master

  […] (more steps)

Also the visual workflow editor is not showing up this action, only the issue_comment actions (i have two workflow/name.yml files in my repo)

By default, on: pull_request will trigger only when a pull request is opened, reopened or synchronized.  If you want to specify additional triggers, you can use the types dictionary.  For example, to run when a pull request is assigned:

    types: [assigned]

thanks, i knew, but its not triggered at all. i have two workflows now and the “pull_request” one is completly ignored.



Is your repository public?  Can you point me to the workflow?

i would need to purge the output from old action runs before making it public, there are API keys from debug runs inside. is it possible to remove those logs? i could add you to the repo as collaborator if there is no way to purge…

i can not reproduce that on a public fresh repo. exact same workflows, one runs on pull_request, the other one does not.