On: Issues: not firing when Issue is Created by Another Action

Super confused by this at the moment.

I have an On: Issues: action setup and it’s working exactly as I’d expect on its own. For instance I can make manual or API Issue changes (create,delete,assign,etc.) and the action works as expected.

My problem is that I have another action that performs a task and at the end of that task creates an issue. When this issue is created it does /not/ trigger the above mentioned action.

My current theory is that events caused from within an action are somehow unavailable to another action but I have no proof of this.

Anyone have an explanation as to why this is happening or where I can look for more information?

Appreciate any insight,


Hi @anthonyherman ,

How did you create the issue in the action? By default, GITHUB_TOKEN will be used in the workflow, and it’s by designed that workflow cannot be triggered with GITHUB_TOKEN. Please specify a personal access token as the secrets instead.

I created an issue with PAT: https://github.com/weide-zhou/ticket21/runs/591141899?check_suite_focus=true#step:2:2

And it will trigger another workflow (on: issue event):


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