`on: issue_comment` events are not triggering workflows

I have setup a workflow that should be triggered on: issue_comment. Unfortunately, comments on both issues or pull requests do not end up triggering builds with that trigger.

Is there something wrong with this definition?:

name: deploy_to_channel_on_demand

on: issue_comment

    runs-on: ubuntu-latest
      - name: logging
        run: echo "$GITHUB_REF"
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I am afraid that I could not reproduce your issue. Both comments on both issues or pull requests can trigger the workflow with on: issue_comment.  

For us to narrow down the issue, check whether this issue happened in workflow scope ,repo scope or the whole account. Please try next things:

  1. Add a comment in issues or pull requests again, will current workflow be triggered?
  2. Create a new workflow file with on: issue_comment in the same repository.
  3. Try in other repos in the same github account.

Please kindly let us know your results.

I have the exact same issue. For what it’s worth in the same project I have another workflow that triggers on push, which works great. The new workflow (which should trigger on issue_comment) which I added does not however.

The workflow has to be merged into master for it to work; I had the same issue when trying it out in a PR. Once you’ve merged the workflow, any PR comments will only trigger the action on the master branch. At least that’s how it’s been working for me.

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Yes, after merging this to master it works. I can see it in the actions tabs, but not in the PR checks.


When checks are set up in a repository, pull requests have a Checks tab where you can view detailed build output from status checks and rerun failed checks. 


Status check is for a specfic ref. But issue_comment event is not related to a specific ref, it always use Default Branch. It will not show on PR Checks tab. 

That is kind of a problem for some use cases. I would very much like to manually trigger a certain workflow (without pushing) based on a pull request comment, and have the result show up on the PR checks. So i would have to have the triggered action trigger another action for the specific commit then?

That’s a good idea. For manually trigger workflow , I would encourage you share these in the Feedback form for GitHub Actions