on githubstatus.com, is the div, "data-component-id" ever changing?

<div data-component-id="8l4ygp009s5s" class="component-inner-container status-green " data-component-status="operational" data-js-hook="">

<span class="name">
Git Operations

<span class="tooltip-base tool tooltipstered">?</span>

<span class="component-status " title="">Operational</span>

<span class="tool icon-indicator fa fa-check tooltipstered"></span>


I wanted to probe the page’s css and detect an outage, and if I select this div and see its “data-component-status” is it guaranteed that Git Operations will always be mapped to “8l4ygp009s5s”?

Hi @hntu-gob,

I can’t say for sure as I believe that this is a third-party component, but it looks to be the same today as it was Friday.

Hope that helps!