On github should I use git for windows or git?


today I’ve done a pull request and I have received an email from github stating :

“We have detected that you recently authenticated to GitHub using an older version of Git for Windows.”

and saying that I should update to a new version of git for windows.

I’m currently using git version 2.24.1.windows.2 (the git downloaded from git-scm dot com); I’ve seend that as of today (november 4 2020) there’s already git 2.29.2 . My os is windows 10.

But I’ve seen that there’s a different website for git for windows.

What I don’t understand is if it’s mandatory, in order to interact with github, to use git for windows (the one I would download from https://gitforwindows.org/ ) or if I can continue use the git that I download from https://git-scm.com/ (of course in the windows version). I would prefer to continue using the old default git for windows.



:wave: Welcome!

If you look closely, you’ll see that the the gitforwindows website links over to git-scm.com :slight_smile:

The downloads should be exactly the same thing.