On-Demand Delivery app for IOS & Android

I have some developers working on an IOS & Android on demand Delivery app but because of some miscommunication they are assuming that I need a single app which contains a driver side a user side and a restaurant side. The driver and restaurant side are accessed after signing up via the app but I’m worried that this isn’t the smartest way to go. They are refusing to change it to what I originally wanted. Just wanted to check to see if this was gonna be a problem later on or if it’s fine to go ahead with this. Would love some feedback


Check the initial requirements given to developers. And in case, if they are not willing to change the access type then check the impacts of such access type for the driver and the resto. Check the time taken for the parties to login and manage the application. Look at the brighter side but be prepared to make any necessary changes. 

Thank you.