On Deleted Posts

Recently we’re seeing quite a lot of posts being opened and then soon after their original post being deleted by their authors and the thread closed, which just leaves a post title with nothing else.

These “dangling posts” are sort of annoying, since they don’t deliver any contents and tend to “litter and clog” the forum without benefits of sort, so I was wondering whether GH Community staff do remove them entirely from time to time…

My guess is that these posts were initially created by someone who had a question for which he/she later on find a solution independently. One would expect that the reasonable approach in such cases would be for the author to further comment his/her own post by mentioning the self-found solution, for the benefits of future readers who might be facing the same (or a similar) problem to that of the original question. Dangling self-deleted posts don’t promote the collaborative spirit of this community, at all.

I suggest that the Community forum should provide newbies with guidelines on how to handle such cases, i.e. remind them that posts and comments should always be written thinking not only of the immediate benefits of the help seeker, but also for other who might face similar issues and could benefit from past posts on a topic. That, and some guidelines on marking the solution to a question, how to use categories and tags, etc.

It would be nice if such guidelines will be easily accessible from the menus at all times, but especially for newbies. I’ve gone through the full DiscoBot tutorial when I joined, but some of these topics were not covered — DiscoBot is more focused on the interactive aspects of how the platform and its interfaces work, whereas guidelines are more on the article/tutorial end.

Maybe DiscoBot could be set to automatically send PMs to users who create a post, delete its contents and close it without anyone having had a chance to comment/reply — e.g. a PM with the guidelines on how to handle posted questions for which a solution was found, or at least a link to an online guideline article on the topic.


Hey @tajmone :wave:

I just wanted to follow up here and let you know that we had a think about your suggestion. I’m going to see what we can do to elevate those OPs that get deleted, so we can perform some clean up with them.

No real timeline on when that will be completed, but wanted to make you aware that this request was not ignored or forgotten.

Thank you for helping us improve the space and for all your participation!