On clone, folder name is in smaller case, where as in github it is camelCase

Successfully renamed a folder which was in lower case finetuning to fineTuning(camelCase) by referring https://stackoverflow.com/a/14580217/3244110.

Post push to remove - I see rename reflecting in github, but when other colleagues clone the repo, locally we still see name is in smaller case.

checked both on Mac and Windows, results are same. Could you help me understand the problem and how can we get name in camelCase on clone.

Thanks in advance.

It would be helpful if you mentioned on which OS the renaming was done. I suspect it was on Windows OS, which is the OS that is mot likely to give case-sensitivity issues with files and folders renaming.

When you say that after the case-renaming was pushed to GitHub, and your colleagues clone it but found the folder to be named as before (i.e. lowercase), do you mean a fresh clone, from scratch? That would be rather odd, since if the changes are effective on GitHub a fresh clone should be verbatim, whereas pull operations might not be effective under Win OS (I don’t know about macOS, since I don’t use it).

Win 10 Supports Case-Sensitive Directories

It’s worth mentioning that now, in Windows 10, it’s possible to enable case-sensitivity for entire directory trees:

When working with Git on cross-platform projects, it’s a good idea to enable this native feature on the repository directory tree, since it reduces the problems associated with same-name different-case renaming operations.