on: check_suite never gets called

It seems that on: check_suite is currently never being triggered. I have a workflow (https://github.com/dpryan79/libBigWig/blob/master/.github/workflows/artifacts.yml ) that is never actually getting called by this event, even after all CI checks are completed. Or is there something that needs to be changed to enable this?


Many thanks for your feedback!  

Events raised from the Actions app do not trigger workflows.  This restriction is currently in place in order to prevent a circular workflow execution.  

Here is a similar ticket with more details, please kindly check, thanks.

In this case I’m not creating the original check_run or check_suite with github actions, that should be coming from TravisCI.

Sorry for late response @dpryan79 !

Only GitHub Apps can create check suites and check runs. Travis CI created commit status but did not create any check runs for your commits. Eg:

Commit: dpryan79/libBigWig@4eb1d15

Commit status: https://api.github.com/repos/dpryan79/libBigWig/commits/4eb1d152c1c178f14eeb9412c0587cc3bab6fef5/statuses

No check run : curl -v -H “Accept: application/vnd.github.antiope-preview+json” https://api.github.com/repos/dpryan79/libBigWig/commits/4eb1d152c1c178f14eeb9412c0587cc3bab6fef5/check-runs

Hence Travis CI will no trigger any check suite/check run.

As an alternative, you can use ‘commit status event’ instead.


Ahh, that explains things, thanks!

@weide-zhou Am I reading this wrong, or does the official github documentation list “check_suite” as a valid action to listen against? It seems there are many tickets (like the one below) logged against similar issues. I’m confused why the documentation isn’t updated with this information clarifying that it is not supported.


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To clarify, I am trying to do something like this within a local branch:

name: 'Listen to check_suite'
    types: [rerequested, completed]
    runs-on: ubuntu-latest
      - uses: actions/checkout@v2
      - name: 'attempt step'
         uses: ./.github/actions/my-local-action

 When I listen to a different event (e.g. pull_request) the action fires properly, but the check_suite event never fires, even though it is triggered by a manual “git push” from myself (which I would think would be considered as not sourced by the “github actions” app). Is it expected behavior for the check_suite event not to be received in this situation by my github workflow?

Are there any situations where “check_suite” would trigger a workflow or is the documentation wrong and it’s not actually supported?