On an Organisation profile "Overview", cannot hide "Popular repositories"

It does not seem possible to disable the “Popular repositories” (i.e. change pins to none) meaning that some barely-touched public repos are showing on top of all the daily-accessed private repos that our org/company uses. This means having to go to the “Repositories” tab every time or scrolling down past the fold, which is really irritating; this is a change from the previous layout which put the ‘last modified’ repo at the top of the list, and this was the most often the most relevant link from the org overview page.

Is there any way to disable the “Popular repositories” or remove all “Pinned” repos, as there is in the personal profile that I have missed?


Indeed, I noticed this change recently and had a double-take response.

Since most of our repositories are private, the picks GitHub made were poor.

There are 6 slots period. I pinned 6 repositories, and, at least today, that blocked the popular repositories item.

With personal repositories I’ve been able to pin repositories that aren’t in my account, but it doesn’t seem like I can do that today w/ an organization.

I can only seem to pin Public repos though - which are the least useful for my org to see at the top of that page. I just want the most-active repo back at the top as it was before, without the extra click/load to the Repos tab… I would often click our org name to get to that list when on another repo… this “feature” has just doubled the clicks to get to what I need!

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Likewise. I’d encourage you to complain to support. I’m lucky I could find 6 noon private repositories that aren’t entirely useless to us to fill those slots.

Please let me hide pinned repositories for my Organisation, all the interesting ones are private, and just show the sorted repo list in the valuable screen slot.