Old username issues

I recently changed my GitHub username from GHBrown to ghbrown according to the instructions, which state that ...github.com/previoususername will return a 404 error.

However, if you visit my account https://github.com/GHBrown via a Google search (“github ghbrown” for example), you can see that this is not the case. For example, visiting my page after just searching “github” then going to my profile gives the expected URL. Remnants of my capitalized username are still plaguing various parts of my account besides the URL. For example, when signing into a Discourse via GitHub, my username is the capitalized version (it should not be).

Perhaps there was some complication because my usernames only differ by capitalization? Any insight and suggestions would be appreciated. I’d like to move fully to the new username.

That might be due to browser caching, credentials storage, etc.

Even my account show up regardless of it casing:

and this holds true even for repositories URLs. So my guess is that usernames are treated case-insensitively by GH (unlike repository names and files paths inside repositories).

If this is so, the 404 error would only show if your username changes go beyond mere casing.

Thanks for the suggestions.

I’m hoping to eradicate all the capitals, especially in Google result URLs and descriptions/titles, but perhaps that won’t be possible. I realize these are somewhat outside of GitHub’s control, but was hoping to find a solution nonetheless.

Perhaps if swap to some temporary username, then back to “ghbrown”?

at your own risk. In case GH sets up redirection, reverting to the old name might not be easy (or a choice). Also, there’s always a chance that someone takes up your previous name, which is definitely not something you’d want — and which I believe might be why GH counts all case-variants of a same username as being the same, otherwise impersonating other users would be easy (just change a letter case).

I’m pretty sure repository names are also case insensitive.

But, yes, paths inside repositories are case sensitive.