Official GitHub ssh action

I see plenty of ssh related actions available from users and other 3rd parties that helps setup the ~/.ssh directory.  Many of which also do additional things like known_hosts, config, etc…

I was wondering if we’ll ever see an official implementation from GitHub.  For something as important as ssh, my company and I would definitely feel more at ease if this action is provided directly by GitHub rather than “random person on the internet”.

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Hi @chingc ,

Thanks for reaching this out! I don’t find the official ssh action as well. It’s recommended to raise a ticket here where github manager will take a review. 

As an alternative, for security reason, writing your own ssh action according to existing 3rd-party ones could be a not bad option. 


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Thanks for that feedback link.  I will raise a ticket.  Hopefully GitHub will see the importance of this and provide their own action soon.  In the mean time I’ll look into rolling my own solution.