Official GitHub Markdown Preview (Playground)

When creating a Markdown document that will be rendered by GitHub, it’s always the same wondering “How will it really look on GitHub?”

Is there an official Markdown online editor provided by GitHub?
If not, shouldn’t they provide that, a playground for testing before publishing?

AFA (Answers to Frequent Answers :wink:)

  • Yes, GitHub provides a preview when editing files in a repo… but:
    • It doesn’t work for files you didn’t yet committed.
    • It shows a diff by default that cannot be disabled, so it ruins the real final rendering.
  • Yes, there are online editors like James Taylor’s Markdown Editor… but it’s not (always) exactly the same as on GitHub.
  • Yes, one can create a repo to commit files there for testing… but it’s not convenient at all.

This may help.

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You can use the Markdown API
Markdown - GitHub Docs