Odd text color behavior in diff

There is no category on Github Support for telling them there is a problem with the website itself, so here I am.

in this diff, there are lines with the echo command. The string is clearly ‘#!/bin/sh’ but for some reason, the entire rest of the make definition is grayed out, like it sees the whole section as the string for echo, or it does not recognize the second apostrophe to end the string.


Hi @mpratt14! :wave: Welcome to the Community!

Here is the right place to mention bugs with the site. Regarding syntax highlighting, we use open source TextMate-style language grammars, which are available here:

The fastest way to get this fixed would be to open an issue or contribute a fix for your specific grammar concern in the repository.

Linguist pulls in grammar updates with each new release, which usually happens every couple of weeks. This should get fixed on GitHub.com shortly after that happens.