Object Lock feature in Github

Though Git is a decentralized version control tool but there is a special need to put a lock on some binary object(Oracle forms) which can not be retrofitted automatically with the help of git difference.Currently in my organization, we are having master branch and some feature branches(cut from master branch). Multiple developer can work on same binary object in different feature branches and at the time of merging in master, merge conflict can happen which leads to retrofit the code manually and this involves both the developer work together closely since git is not able to make us visualize the difference of the binary object(Oracle forms).

So we need to have a locking feature for a specific object so that the developer would know that this particular object is being modified by some other developer and take a decision whether the developer will proceed for further changes on the object or not.

Note: Merge conflict can easily be resolved for file types other than binary objects(Oracle forms).