Oauth prompt=login flag

I’m working on an oauth app. The first workflow works as expected, I can send the user to github.com/login/oauth/authorize, where they are prompted with a screen asking them to authorize the app, and add any organizations to the authorization they want to.

What I’m stuck on is if I want to append to the list of organizations the app has access to. I would like to send the user back to the authorize screen, but once authenticated the first time, /login/oauth/authorize skips that screen and goes right into the token exchange.

I thought the oauth spec had prompt=login I could add to the request to achieve this, but I haven’t been able to find it in the github docs yet.

I’m trying to avoid having the user go to github.com/settings/connections/applications/:client_id to append organizations, as I’d like to have a consistent flow for user experience.

Any suggestions or pointers to docs would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,