Oauth access to private repos

Somewhat novice user here, caught up in the deprecation of password auth. I’ve switched my preferred Git app, Sourcetree, over to Oauth, but now it’s not able to push to my private repos (‘repo not found’). I’ve added it via settings as an Authorised Oauth Application, but I can’t seem to grant it any permissions beyond ‘Access public information (read-only)’.

Do I really have to become an organisation to get this working again? I’m not an organisation and I’d love for this to not get much more complicated right now since I’m only just getting a grip on using Git. Is there some way to sort this out, or could the problem be with Sourcetree for not requesting the correct permissions at the time?

I tried the same thing on SourceTree Windows, and it works as expected. Sourcetree requests a whole bunch of permissions, and it seems to work correctly after that. So my problem is just on my Mac where I now understand the problem is Sourcetree only requesting read-only access to public data. I guess I’ll be visiting the Sourcetree forum for help. Unless anyone knows if it a general Mac thing…

Turns out to be Sourcetree’s problem. It hasn’t been able to correctly request Oauth permissions for almost two years now, so I guess the product is dead.