Nvm: command not found in macos-latest

Hello, I am trying to use nvm in macos-latest.
In virtual-environments/macos-10.14-Readme.md at main · actions/virtual-environments · GitHub, I found that it has been installed.
Here is my workflow step:

      - name: Setup node
        run: |
          nvm use ${{ matrix.node-version }}

It can work in ubuntu-latest but failed in macos-latest.
Error message:

Run nvm use 14
/Users/runner/work/_temp/5bea7c92-9f50-470e-b96a-9f5ce20826c0.sh: line 1: nvm: command not found
Error: Process completed with exit code 127.

PS: actions/setup-node@v2 is not work for my test case in macos-latest too.